Have you ever been to a wedding and the DJ did something out of the ordinary? I think we all have.  The first event I ever DJ’ed was a wedding for some friends of mine.  I filled in for a DJ who cancelled on the couple at the last minute.  Over the past five years, I have made it my mission to ensure that my client’s “big day” was everything they wanted it to be…and more.  Here are some pet peeves of mine that I try to stay away from when DJ’ing weddings:

1. “The guests are not here to see the DJ.”  Many times you go to a wedding and see the DJ drawing unwanted attention to him or herself for no reason.  It’s like they want to be the center of attention, when in actuality, they are embarrassing their company and giving all DJ’s a bad name.  Rest assured, with my DJ company, I am not throwing out cheesy one liners, making jokes, or putting any attention on me.  Your wedding is a culmination of countless hours of hard work, dedication, and planning.  With Donatelli Entertainment, you will not have to worry about the DJ trying to be the center of attention.

2. “The DJ just pronounced the bride’s name wrong!”  I can’t tell you how many times I have seen this from a DJ.  At my cousin’s wedding, the DJ not only pronounced the best man’s name incorrectly, but the bride and groom’s last name was wrong too!  It amazes me that some DJ’s don’t take enough pride in their craft to ensure that the clients’ names are pronounced correctly.  With Donatelli Entertainment, not only do I discuss this the week prior to the wedding (when the bridal party sheet is due), to ensure that I have everyone’s name correctly, but I also discuss it with each person individually before the announcements are made.   Along with spelling their names out phonetically,  when I organize the bridal party and line them up prior to their introductions, make sure to say each name, directly to the individual, so that they confirm the information that the bride and groom relayed to me.

3. “Did the DJ just play THAT song at a wedding?”  I always tell my clients that the more songs, artists, and genres they give me in the planning process prior to the wedding, the more catered to their style their wedding music will be. All DJ’s should know that there are certain songs you do not play, certain songs you should not and certain songs that are cheesy and unprofessional.  I have DJ’ed many styles of weddings, from traditional, oldies, new and everything in between.  I have had clients give me a list of 500+ songs and some give me a list of 5 songs.  While I do my best to play as many from the list as possible, I also use my experience to guide the client with some helpful feedback.  The bottom line is to ensure that everyone is having fun while being diverse in the music selection and knowing the type of event you are DJ’ing.  I have seen some DJ’s play break-up songs at weddings and it left me shaking my head.  I vowed never to be the DJ who was looked at in disgust after playing a track during someone’s biggest day.

4. “Why did the music stop?”  As a DJ, there is nothing more important than the flow of music from one song to the next.  When the music stops, there better be a good reason for it! As you see in the video on the right, music stoppage is no fun.  Although I have never had to use it, with my setup, I have two computers playing music simultaneously in case the main computer stops.  Not only do I have backups of my computers, but I also keep a backup with me for everything! In the past five years, I can think of maybe one time when a cord has gone bad, in which case, I immediately had a replacement and the music never stopped.  I have seen DJ’s perform an event with no backup for any of their equipment.  There is nothing more important than my clients, and to help them ease their mind, I always ensure I have a quality, working replacement for every piece of my equipment.

5. “You’re not the DJ I hired!”  Many large DJ companies in the Northeast Ohio area charge extra for certain DJ’s.  Sometimes, they even send a DJ to perform at your wedding reception and he/she is not even prepared! Being individually owned and operated, if you book with me, I guarantee that I will never outsource another person to DJ your event!  I personally work with my clients in the months prior to their big day to ensure all of the little details are ironed out and given the attention they deserve.  Need a special dance? Have a tradition that you want to have at your wedding? Want to do something that you don’t typically see at weddings?  Whatever special requests you have, I will make sure to help make these a priority.  When the big day comes, you can rest assured knowing you and I have discussed all of these details previously mentioned and that nothing will be forgotten.

Don’t let some inexperienced DJ ruin your big day, like the DJ in the video on the right! Contact me today to see why I am the perfect fit for your wedding reception!

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