The term, “You get what you pay for” really applies to situations in life.  In the entertainment industry, when hiring a DJ for your special event, it really rings true.  I can’t tell you how many times I have booked an event because the DJ my client hired backed out on them at the last minute.  There are many DJ services around the Akron, Cleveland and Canton area that are outstanding, but there are probably twice as many that give our profession a bad image.  Here are some tips when looking for a professional DJ service.

1. Does the DJ supply a contact?  There are many DJ services out there who choose not to supply a contract for their clients, outlining the details of the event.  If you want to hire a service and pay money up front based on a persons “word” with no documentation showing what you are receiving, then you are much braver person than I am. Donatelli Entertainment is a no-pressure, DJ company who will outline, up front, everything that will be provided by not only my company, but by you as well.  Unless these details are agreed upon, prior to the event, there could be a major mess come the day of the event.  As the owner of Donatelli Entertainment, I want to make sure my clients are protected and know up front, what the will be receiving from my company.  This is all outlined in my contract.

2. Does the DJ company have reviews?  More and more Akron area DJ’s pop up every week.  It seems with today’s technology, everyone thinks they can be a DJ.  The key is to find someone, who will not only fit your budget, but who has worked numerous events and has documented reviews of their work.  If a DJ doesn’t have reviews or is unwilling to offer contact information of past clients, I would be very hesitant to hire this company.  The mark of a great DJ service is having reviews on popular websites that the DJ company can’t edit or fake.  I choose to have my clients review me at Weddingwire and Decidio.  I pride myself on making sure every client’s needs are taken care of and it shows in their reviews of my DJ service.

3. Does the DJ company have a website and/or company email?  Having a website does not necessarily mean you are a quality DJ service but if you take the time create and maintain a website, you show clients that your business is important to you.  In today’s online world, there are many places that will help you customize and build a website.  Along with having a website, by having a business email address, you are again showing that your business means something to you.  If I had to email a potential DJ service and their email was “”, I would be very hesitant on moving forward with that company.  If a company isn’t putting the effort into website advertising, will they put the time and effort in to making your special day amazing?

Those are are few complaints I usually get from my clients when they looked around at other companies. Being the owner of Donatelli Entertainment, I take great pride in making sure my clients are satisfied with their service.  My reviews speak for themselves. I update and maintain my website and social media so that potential clients can see me “in action” and I always ensure that my clients know what they are paying for and that the fine print is discussed prior to their event!