Wedding receptions are my specialty!

As a DJ, there is nothing more rewarding than making someone’s event spectacular.  I always try to make every event unique and show it the attention it deserves, not only DJing the event, but planning the night in advance with my clients. I have seen many DJ companies in Akron, Canton and Cleveland, not pay attention to the little details and I felt like that hurt their entire performance.  I take great pride in getting the little details correct so that my clients are completely satisfied.

Grey Stone Hall  - Donatelli Entertainment | Akron | Canton | Cleveland DJ

All wedding receptions are different.  I know what it is like planning for a wedding, as my wife and I had sort of an a la carte wedding ourselves.  Many couples have to plan, coordinate, and stay in constant contact with multiple vendors leading up to the event to make sure each and every detail is handled. I know how time consuming and frustrating that can be, so when I started DJing, I wanted to be as detail orientated as possible so that I could help guide my clients’ through all of the “madness” of wedding planning.

I provide my clients with a couple documents that will help map out their day a little easier.  The month prior to the big day, we get together to finalize the all of the clients needs.

As you will see in the reviews section, I take a lot of pride in making my clients’ event’s everything they hoped for and more.  The biggest reason for being a successful DJ is easily the planning and preparation for each event.  I do not outsource any of my weddings (or any other event) to other DJ’s.  I treat each event as if it were my own.  In the weeks and months leading up to the weddings, you will be working with me to plan the event as I will be your DJ.  This is the type of service you get with Donatelli Entertainment!

Bridal Party Info

This sheet helps organize the entire bridal party so that the entrance is aligned perfectly. A major pet peeve of mine is when DJ’s mispronounce names when announcing guests to the crowd.  I have been to many weddings where even the best man and maid of honor had their names botched.  To ensure that this never happens with me, I not only speak with the bride and groom prior to the big day regarding their bridal party members names, but I also line up the bridal party, introduce myself and speak to each of them individually, prior to introduction.  By double and triple checking the names as well as spelling the names phonetically, I make it a point to never mess up any guests names.

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Event Info

This sheet is my master wedding panning tool.  This document helps map out every detail of my clients big night, so that when the night arrives, everyone is on the same page.  Everything from speeches, toasts, specialty dances, bouquet tosses, garter removal and more, this document will help ensure each special request is taken care of that evening.  While all of these are just estimated times of each part of the night, I make sure to stay in constant contact with not only the bride and groom, but the photographer/videographer, throughout the night as well, ensuring that these services capture the moments!